Hola! I’m Hayley.

I’m a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Chef, Health Mentor, global nomad and creature of the wild. I can usually be found playing in the forest, foraging for food, standing on my head, furiously scribbling notes, or capturing beauty through the lens of my camera at a miscellaneous location, somewhere in the world.


I believe health and vitality come from a well-rounded lifestyle, conscious living, nature connection and finding the joy in our everyday lives. The world is a playground (as is the kitchen). Get on the swings and see how high you can go. Look after yourself, be aware, let loose, drink wine, swim in rivers, climb trees, eat the weeds, plant for the bees, have a coffee, and dance like you mean it. Join me on this voyage of discovery called life, and I’ll share with you what I find along the way.

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